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What is Physie?

Physie is a sport for girls and women from 2 years and up which builds confidence, good posture, strength, fitness and flexibility through exercise and dance.

Fun, upbeat and modern music is used for the routines, which fuse different styles of movement such as jazz, ballet, contemporary, aerobic exercise and even yoga. The choreography changes annually designed for variety and Fun.

The benefits for our members is increased coordination, brain development and confidence. Physie is a synchronized, team and individual based sport that is social, fun and excellent low impact aerobic exercise activity.

At Marconi Physie, we are passionate about the happiness and health of all our members. We promote an active, healthy lifestyle, where physical activity becomes an enjoyable part of our daily life. We believe that being a part of a Physie family encourages a life-long love of exercise, improved health benefits, confidence and overall happiness.


Empowering Girls and Women

Grandmothers, mothers, daughters and granddaughters can all be members of the same physie club and share their passion in this sport.

We cater for all ages and abilities sharing the love of physie throughout your life. Generations of Australian women have cherished the friendships and bonds physie creates. Physie is more than just a sport, physie is a community of fun, healthy and active families. There is an amazing feeling regarding confidence around

physie girls and women. You are taught to stand tall with strength and pride. Physie focuses on not just technique but self-esteem and confidence of its members by teaching them to have positive relationships with their bodies and grow with confidence and self-love.

Positive Body Image

Physie teaches the students to have a positive relationship with their bodies. Student’s blossom with confidence and self-assurance and it provides an opportunity to build bonds of friendship and a feeling of belonging.

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