Results for 2015

Grand Final 2015

6b: 3rd - Natasha M

7-8c: 3rd - Tumi L

         4th - Justine N

9-10b: 4th - Alexia B

11-12c: 1st - Christina K

              Dance - Christina K

13-14b: 3rd - Tsolin B

13-14a: Dance - Anna C

Seniors Advanced: Dance - Anne F

Years of Service: 20 Years - Anne F - Seniors


5 Years: Nadiya H

6c: Catherine D

6b: Caitlin H

7-8c: Marvell P

7-8b: Maricel H

9-10c: Mackayla W

           Maya J

9-10b: Chiara M

11-12b: Stephanie R

11-12a: An T

13-14c: Lauren G

13-14b: Celeste A

13-14a: Izabella W

15-17b: Madison W

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