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Our Classes


Members will begin classes with stretching and warming up. The younger age groups will play short games to warm the muscles and stretch to improve flexibility and movement. Our older age groups will do stretch and conditioning to help with flexibility, improve mind and body coordination, increase strength, minimize injuries, and enhance the performance. Members will learn 5 Exercises Deportment, Breathing, Exercise, Relax, Floor Drill.

Tuesday Classes 

2-4 Years      4.30 - 5pm

5-8 Years      5 - 5.45pm

9-12 Years    5.45 - 6.45pm 

13-25Years   6.45 - 7.45pm

Ladies          7.45 - 8.30pm


Wednesday Classes

2-4 Years     4.30 - 5pm

5-8 Years     5 - 5.45pm

9-12 Years   TBA

13-17 Years  TBA

*Pending on class numbers

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