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Practise Competition
This is a practice competition just for our club members. It is run like all other competitions with judges and all girls receive a ribbon or medal and certificate for performing the syllabus. This is held in July/August and is an opportunity for competitors to have a competition run through, preparing them for upcoming interclub and official competitions.
Individual Physie clubs hold competitions to meet and mix with other clubs. These competitions are very relaxed and friendly and held in August. Competitors compete individually along with around 10-15 other girls on the floor at the same time. Interclub Competitions are practice competitions to get girls ready for Champion Girl/Lady.
Champion Girl
Annual competitions are held during September/October called Champion Girl/Lady. The top twelve girls in each age category from 5 years up qualify to compete in the Grand Final Competition in October/November. Pending on the amount of competitors on the day the Girls/Ladies may need to do the syllabus twice if they make the semi-finals.
Teams are made up of 6 or 8 girls. They perform the SAME routine as they are taught in class for the other competitions. If students are selected to represent our club in a team, a black Team Leotard will
be supplied and rented from our club for $10. Team Competitions are held in September/October. As a club we will also hold extra practices which will be advised to the members selected for the team competition.
Grand Final
Grand Final is for the girls/ladies who have been selected from the champion girl/lady competitions. The competitors selected MUST be available to compete on this day.
Annual Club Competition
This is our final competition for the year with all our club members participating to display to family and friends their achievements for the year. There will be judges and trophies given out on the day. This is usually held at Club Marconi.



The Burns syllabus consists of six routines performed to music, designed to teach skills and develop fitness, strength and flexibility. Every age group has its own routines and music with choreography designed to be achievable by all skill-levels.
Marching: Teaches good posture, body alignment, toe points, strength and stretch in the legs and body.
Deportment: A controlled routine targeting correct positions, strength and Control.
Breathing/ Relaxed: A pretty routine involving basis classical
ballet movements teaching musicality, grace, turnout and control of your breathing and movement through music.
Exercises: A standing routine requiring balance, control, strength,
accurate positions and flexibility.
Floor Drill: An exercise performed on the floor that develops flexibility,
strength and control.
Dance (Not for competitions): A modern jazz style dance that everyone loves to learn. It is performed to the latest music and teaches musicality & expression. The dance improves stamina, strength and presentation with a big smile. Performed at our end of year annual club

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