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Our Teachers

Our teachers create a helpful and friendly atmosphere and encourage a high level of club spirit, with every member contributing to and supporting each other. Our teachers work tirelessly to make each girl the best they can be, whilst making classes fun and rewarding.

Miss Cass - Head Senior Teacher                       

(All Age Groups) President 

Cassandra has been doing physie for 28 Years. She started physie

when she was 7 years old and it has been a massive part of her life

ever since with generations of women in her family also being

involved in the physie community. Cassandra enjoys competing

both individually and part of a team alongside her daughter, other

family members and the many lifelong friends formed while having

physie part of her life. Also having experience judging various

competitions throughout the years which adds to her depth of experience and

capacity as a teacher. She has competed as an individual and in a team. With experience in multiple physie associations and placing multiple times at nationals, grand finals and in Teams. One of her greatest passions is teaching. She loves watching young girls come to class, develop their skills, confidence & friendships being part of a family oriented Physie club brings. During the week Cassandra works as an Office Manager at a Residential private certifier for construction and is a Fulltime Mum.


    Miss Sarah - Head Senior Teacher 

(All Age Groups) Vice President 


Sarah has been doing Physie for 25 years. She started when she was just 2yrs old as she wanted to follow in her sisters footsteps. Physie is the sport that Sarah and her mum have always enjoyed together, attending competitions to compete or just to spectate. She has competed in very successful teams and individual competitions where she has placed 1st for 2 consecutive years at the WZ Grand Final. She has also really enjoyed

judging competitions. Sarah's favourite competition is teams, she loves seeing the girls working together and forming amazing friendships. Sarah believes that this is one of the most rewarding aspects of the sport. Sarah can’t wait to share her knowledge with the members and help them achieve their own personal goals for the year. Outside of Physie Sarah works full-time as a Motor Claims Advisor for an Insurance Company and enjoys spending every spare moment with her 2 beautiful children.

Miss An - Senior Teacher

(2 years - 8 years)

An started physie at the age of 10 and from the first class, she completely fell in

love with it. It became her passion and something she looked forward to every

day of the week. She met new people every year at competitions and creating long lasting friendships and beautiful memories. She feels so much joy teaching girls and seeing them push to reach their highest potential. She feels proud when her girls come off the competition floor knowing they pushed themselves to their limit. An loves being apart of a physie community that cares for every single one of their members and forming new connections. An currently is studying sports and exercise science and working as a barista at a cafe.


     Miss Carolyn - Senior Teacher 

  (9 Years - Teens)

Carolyn has been doing physie for 42 years starting at the age of 8, and

it has been a major part of her life with 3 generations of her family also

involved in this physie family. She has taught Physie for BjP for 4 years,

and WZ for 2 years. Carolyn really enjoys being able to encourage and

mentor girls of all ages to reach their full potential and see the girls

confidence shine out on the Physie floor. Some of her achievements withBjP was reaching the ladies final at zone for 5 consecutive years, as well as being apart of high placing teams in the championship grade. WZ achievements include being reigning ladies team champions, and placing 3rd and 4th place at Grand champion girl. Carolyn works full time as

a clinical nurse specialist in Respiratory and sleep medicine at Liverpool hospital for the last 4years. She has been nursing for 30 years in different fields from Neonatal ICU, medical and surgical, and community nursing.


Miss Vanessa - Senior Teacher 

(2 Years - 8 years)

Vanessa is a part time dental nurse and studies paramedicine full time at university, she also has over 6 years’ experience in dance teaching. Vanessa has been doing physie for 20 years, she started physie as soon as she could walk. Vanessa has experienced a few physical culture associations over her time, she has made so many life long friends and enjoys competing alongside of them. Vanessa has competed and placed at nationals, teams and individual interclubs alongside of her mum throughout her years of physie. Vanessa really enjoys teaching because she is able to help her students learn skills and build confidence whilst doing what they love! 


Miss Sophie - Junior Teacher

(2 Years - 10 Years)

Sophie has been participating in physie for 11 years. She joined Marconi in 2011 at the age of 5 and instantly fell in love with it. Within the many years of physie, Sophie has achieved 2nd place at grand finals and intermediate club and marching champion in 2016. Becoming a teacher was one of her greatest achievements in her physie life as she loves to work with her lifelong friends and the girls to improve each year and be a part of a fantastic community. The Marconi family has been a rock in her life as she looks forward to each week spent teaching and learning. Outside of physie, Sophie is a full-time student at Bossley Park high, currently in year 11, and working on her education.

Miss Erin - Junior Teacher

(5 Years - 12 Years)

Erin has been doing physie for 9 years this year, she started physie when she was 9 after

dancing at a studio for 7 years, and it has been a massive part of her life ever since. Erin

enjoys competing with her friends that she had made at physie, in a team and individually,

and coming to classes are the highlight of her week. While competing individually she has

placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd various times. In 2018, Erin made it to grand final and placed 1st,

to which the following year was offered the position of a teacher for her club. She loves to watch the girls come to class every week to learn, develop their skills and self-confidence, make new friendships and succeed at the competitions. Erin has a casual job at Kerbside Creamery a dessert food truck and is planning to go to either university or tafe this coming year. 

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