Our Teachers

Our teachers create a helpful and friendly atmosphere and encourage a high level of club spirit, with every member contributing to and supporting each other. Our teachers work tirelessly to make each girl the best they can be, whilst making classes fun and rewarding.

Miss Cass (All Age Groups)

Miss Cass has competed at WZ for 12 years and has had many great achievements both within the club and at the Grand Final. With experience in 3 different types of Physical Culture, Miss Cass is always striving to see the members become the best physie girls they can be.  She loves to watch her girls perform on stage and see all their hard work pay off by performing to the best of their abilities. 

Miss Sarah (All Age Groups)

Miss Ronda (5Yrs and 11-12Yrs)

Miss An (2 Years - 12 Years)


Miss Lexi (2 Years - 6 Years)

Miss Lexi has competed for WZ Physical Culture for 7 Years with numerous achievements including placing 1st in her section in 2017. She finds physie fun and an enjoyable experience and has gained many friends. She is looking forward to joining our teaching group for 2018 and can not wait to watch her students achieve.

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