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Results for 2017

Presentation Night 2017

Senior Club Champion: Miss Sarah


Intermediate Club Champion: Jasmine. D


Junior Club Champion: Olivia. C

Club Competition 2017

Overall Competitor of the Day: Sarah. S

2-4 Years: 1st - Armani. A                         

                 2nd - Aleah. G                                                  

                 3rd - Haya. S                                                      

                 4th - Kloi. N                                                       

                 5th - Kassidee. S

                 Dance: Ruby. D


5 Years: 1st - Francesca. P

             2nd - Zara. Z

             3rd - Isla. Z

             Dance: Merna. G

6 Years C Grade: 1st - Leanne. P

                          2nd - Gencijana. J

                          Dance: Miah. E

7-8 Years C Grade: 1st - Mary. A

                              2nd - Stella. S

                              3rd - Alyssa. V

                              4th - Dione. E

                              5th - Paige. C

                              6th - Alexia. Z

                              Dance: Rosemarie. S

7-8 Years B Grade: 1st - Olivia. C

                              2nd - Ella. Z

                              3rd - Natasha. M

                              Dance: Caitlin. H

9-10 Years C Grade: 1st - Olivia. P

                                2nd - Jacinta. Ea

                                3rd - Maryam. H

                                Dance: Olivia. P

9-10 Years B Grade: 1st - Natalie. D

                                2nd - Gabriella. S

                                3rd - Giselle. S

                                4th - Chau. P

                                5th - Tijana. K

                                Dance: Tiffany. T

11-12 Years C Grade: 1st - Jasmine. D

                                2nd - Ivy. T

                                Dance: Paris. I

11-12 Years B Grade: 1st - Maya. J

                                2nd - Angelina. F

                                3rd - Alexia. B

                                4th - Lourdes. S

                                Dance: Lauren. H

11-12 Years A Grade: 1st - Sophie. B

13-14 Years C Grade: 1st - Gemma. D

                                2nd - Jade. D & Daisy. D

13-14 Years B Grade: 1st - Erin. O

                                2nd - Candice. D

13-14 Years A Grade: 1st - An. T

15-17 Years A Grade: 1st - Tsolin. B

                                  2nd - Izabella. W

                                  Dance: Tsolin.B


Seniors B Grade: 1st - Natalie. H

                            2nd - Madison. W

                            Dance: Natalie. H

Seniors Open: 1st - Cassandra. A

Ladies C Grade: 1st - Amanda. D

Ladies B Grade: 1st - Sarah. S

                         2nd - Jade. C

                         3rd - Emma. C

Ladies Open: 1st - Ronda. G

Junior Marching Champion: Olivia. C

Intermediate Marching Champion: Izabella. W

Senior Marching Champion: Emma. C

Grand Final 2017

5: 4th - Francesca. P

9-10b: 1st - Gabriella. S 

            4th - Adriana. U

11-12c: 1st - Jasmine. D

              Dance - Ivy. T

11-12b: 1st - Alexia B

11-12a: 4th - Sophie. B

Ladies b: 1st - Miss Sarah


5: Isla. Z

6c: Leanne. P

7-8c: Mary. A

          Alyssa. V

7-8b: Olivia. C

9-10c: Olivia. P

9-10b: Natalie. D

            Giselle. S

11-12c: Paris. I

11-12b: Maya. J

              Angelina Z

13-17c: Gemma. D

              Daisy. D

13-14a: An. T

Seniors Open: Miss Cass

Ladies Open: Ronda. G

Team Competition 2017

7-8 Years: Team Lavender - 6th 

9-10 Years: Team Camellia - 3rd

9-12 Years: Team Azalea - 2nd

11-12 Years: Team Blossom - 3rd

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