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Burns Competition Rules


Hair should be worn in any tidy style providing it does not obstruct the competitors work. As a club we prefer in a low or high ballet bun or a ponytail. For teams we all have the same hairstyle in which the teachers assist with.

Hair accessories

Ages 2-12 years can wear a bow, ribbon or flower matching with the colour of leotard you are wearing. Please have the hair accessory approved by your teachers before competition day. For Seniors and Ladies something simple like a slide in clip or flower can be worn.


NO tan, makeup or nail polish is to be worn.

Shimmer stockings are compulsory from 9 years and up.

Light Makeup may be worn from ages 9 years and up.


Leather ballets with matching elastics are to be worn at all competitions. These can be purchased from a lady that will come and sell them during classes end of Term 1.


Competition Leotards must be worn at all competitions. These can be purchased from many companies such as Neon Dancewear, Grand Active, or Danz Design. It can be any colour, any style. As long as it follows the below rules;

  • No metallic, sparkles or sequins

  • No Patterns

  • No cutouts below the bra line

  • No Branding

Please have your choice of leotard approved by your club teacher prior to purchasing.

Team competitions Leotards and hair accessories will supplied by your club teacher to be worn on the day.

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