What to wear to Classes and Competitions

Acceptable Clothing for classes:

Club practice leotard or Tshirt (for ladies and seniors)

Tights or bike shorts 

Silver ballet shoes/bare feet

In order for our Teachers to correctly identify positions of your routines these items should be worn.

Hair should be tied back out of your face where possible..

What not to wear:

Tracksuit pants

Jumpers or baggy tops

Dresses or school uniforms

These items may be worn to and from class but must be removed during your class and practice times.

Club apparel is an optional, fun way to show pride for your club, and to ensure you have something appropriate to wear to class. We have updated our club apparel for 2018, order forms and design specs will be available at the desk weekly.

For Competitions

For all competitions all members competing are required to wear a leotard as per their age group, shimmers and/or fishnets for older age groups and silver ballets with elastic attached. All competition wear can be ordered through the club and you will be given notice when orders will go through.

Club Apparel is also ideal as it easily goes over your Leotard to and from venues and shows pride for our club.